Best Convection Microwave In India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In the present scenario, where people are occupied with busy times and long-term work in the office, it is increasingly challenging to invest time in cooking. Microwave ovens have been developed and used in nearly all houses to make cooking more convenient. The use of the Best Convection Microwave in India starts with twists and turns from the timer to the fast reheating and grilling options as well.

In addition, baking, defrosting and heating are achieved quickly and rapidly in ovens without thinking about the results. The microwave ovens facilitate precise temperature, precise controls and great comfort.

It is rather difficult because of the emergence of a few companies to purchase a microwave with monthly savings as a Middle-Class person. That’s why, based on features, efficiency and additional modifications, we provide you with the best microwave oven in the intermediate price range that can boost the cooking experience to a new level.

8 Best Convection Microwave In India 2020


1. IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

The upgrade of traditional kitchen equipment means that every common household needs to improve cooking efficiency as well as to save time. With an improvement in size and varied design, this 25L Convection microwave oven can be one of the most impressive upgrades in your kitchen.


  1. The floral design of the glass is quite impeccable in all other interior designs in the kitchen and creates a positive impression.

  2. The 25L volume makes it ideal for families with a medium-sized family of 4 to 5.

  3. The IFB conveyor is suitable for different types of cooking options such as grilling, repair, cooking and defrosting.

  4. The deodorizing feature is the advanced choice for a grilling system that maintains the cavity smooth and clear of germs and a bad odour.

  5. Different forms of cooking and flavouring can be prepared with no downside or extra effort to watch the food cooked by temperature control, timing control and show.


  • 26 auto-cook menus for convenient cooking.
  • The combination of microwave and grill function gives excellent results.
  • It is also cooked in several stages, with three floors: a microwave, a grill and convection.
  • Based on one of the top oven brands, food can be kept in the microwave at constant temperatures without being overcooked.
  • The period to defrost frozen food with weight information will automatically be set.
  • Steam cleaning function can easily remove dirt.


  • It is not suitable for couples.

2. IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

A microwave is more of a handy tool. And we still see new features blowing us away as time goes by. Let’s think about what this model has to bring in particular. The fermentation feature is special, which enables you to prepare yoghurt quickly. It works fine, as promised.


  • It comes with easy-to-use features such as digital time display, which informs you about the time and power of cooking and time in every use point.

  • It’s extremely safe to use with the Child Lock feature. The children can prevent misuse of the oven and thus prevent harm. Sensor malfunction protection and overheating protection are other safety characteristics.

  • This oven’s fermentation feature makes it great for your pâtty, batter, breadcrumbs and curds.

  • The positive side of this convection oven is that your baby bottles and other utensils can be sterilized in minutes.

  • The positive side of this convection oven is that your baby bottles and other utensils can be sterilized in minutes.

  • Steam Clean makes quick cleaning of the cavity. This feature cleans the fat and grimaces in an Indian recipe.


  • Saves energy, since it uses 40% less than its peer models.
  • Good presentation and outstanding results complemented.
  • It includes 71 menu options preprogrammed.


  • Makes noise as it works.

3. Morphy Richards 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

The world’s most renowned kitchen appliance maker, Morphy Richards, is a simple and powerful appliance which can be chosen to suit any needs. The best one from a price standpoint is probably the Microwave Oven from Morphy Richards if you want to cook a wide range of items in various cooking modes, such as defrosting, heating, frying and grilling. For bachelors or small families of all sorts and varieties of cooking essentials, 23 litres oven capacity should be sufficient. Even for mid-range customers, it looks quite expensive, elegant and glassy, which gives the right value to your investment.


  1. Look at the Morphy Richards convection micROWAVE is a price that makes the food inside amazing as the incredibly eye-catching glass screen.

  2. The Morphy Richards Convection microwave oven packages are included on the wire rack, the panel and the stainless steel cavity.

  3. The advanced sensor equipment can detect both overheating and malfunction of any device.

  4. This Microwave Oven has five different levels of power with the ten auto cook menu.


  • Has the product itself a 2-year guarantee.
  • Is equipped with a baker and a cable.
  • For security purposes, the Smart Child Lock function.
  • Menu of Auto-Cook set in different buttons.
  • Advanced sensory protection has been added to prevent overheating or overheating.
  • Has 5 levels of power to cook without stress.


  • Not for big households.
  • Cooking techniques may be confusing.

4. Samsung 28L Convection Microwave Oven

This 28L convection microwave oven model comes from one of the world’s most promising Samsung companies and is certainly the best tool you can trust. Some of the best styles of Indian cooking are developed with advanced technology, which reduces human effort in cooking and significantly saves time, for instance, to make tandoor and curd. In addition, the user-friendly characteristics, it has also a huge cooking capacity, are possibly the best way to easily and quickly cook any meal. The 1 year and 5 years special warranty package makes it the most popular microwave oven, with all kinds of important features and choices.


  1. Facilities for Easy Access – Clock, Child Lock, Eco, Slim Fry, Roti / Naan, CURD, Power Defrost, Combi, Indian Recept, Convection.

  2. Technology of Tandoor

  3. Progressive technology in fermentation.

  4. The convection heater Quartz has the highest quality.

  5. Six levels of power and different modes of cooking.

  6. A further highlight is the frosting element, along with the fermentation programs Slim Fry and Dough.

  7. Electricity usage 2900 Watts.

  8. 1-year warranty on product and 5 years Magnetron warranty.


  • Efficient and full of functions.
  • The unique technology of one press tandoor.
  • Advanced fermentation technique which supports curd/yoghurt as much as possible.
  • Wide rotary size.
  • Heater with quartz convection.
  • Six power rates in convection range from 40 to 200 ° C.


  • The Starter kit is not part of the package.

5. LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven


  1. It is portable because of its size and compact nature. 

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  3. Both the suction and blower are used in the vacuum cleaner. 

  4. You can take it easily with you and clean the whole house. 

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  • You should reuse the dust collector.
  • All useful accessories are provided.
  • The harness is fitted with shoulder brace.
  • The cable is long enough.


  • It is Noisy.
  • Suggestion is bad.

6. Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

The single microwave oven has a 23-litre capacity. It is ideal for a small family of 3 to 4. The microwave is fitted with 16 ready-mixed recipes. It helps you to prepare nutritious and tasty meals, including green beans, brown rice, boneless chicken breasts and grilled salmon steak, easily for your loved ones. The app changes the temperature and the cooking time automatically to ensure the food is humid and savoury. The defrosting power function quickly and evenly releases frozen food to its fresh condition. It prevents the food from getting soggy, so you can always eat delicious and warm cooked food.


  1. Features a ceramic cavity

  2. 16 pre-programmed recipes 

  3. Comes with six power levels that consume a maximum of 800 watts

  4. LED display 

  5. Power defrost function

  6. Keep warm function

  7. Warranty 1 year on Product & 5 Years on Magnetron


  • The user-friendly activities are excellent for everyday use at home
  • Full value for money


  • It is not ideal for baking or grilling as it is a solo oven.

7. IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven


  1. Power levels adjustable.

  2. Settings for Auto Cook.

  3. Timer for 30 minutes.

  4. Magnetron and cavity warranty for 3 years.

These 17 litres solo microwave oven will satisfy small families, couples and bachelors’ cooking requirements. It does not have other features, such as baking and grilling features, as it is a solo microwave oven. This IFB Solo microwave oven has all the features that a single microwave oven requires, aside from some extra features. It is as effective as a convection microwave oven to heat, steam, freeze, and cook your food.

It comes with a 1-year product warranty and a 3-year magnetron and cavity warranty. 


  • It is elegantly shaded in bright white.
  • Control of Flexi Strength.
  • Nice to stay alone or a limited number of members households.


  • Just a small amount of food can be contained.

8. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

This microwave oven is multifunctional and has a defence against malfunctions. It has a width of 43.8 cm, thirty cm and a height of 53.9 cm. It weighs approximately 19 kilograms, too. This microwave has 10 ranges of power and 10 degrees of temperature, which makes it possible for one to select your tastes in a dish. With a maximum productivity power of 900 W, this convection oven captivates 1400 W to the microwave, 2200 W to the convection, and 1250 W to the grill. 


  1. Ideal for large families.

  2. Scale (H X W X D-mm) 300 x 539 x 440 measurements.

  3. Can be used to baked, reheated, freeze-frosted and fried.

  4. Product guarantee for 1 year and cavity guarantee for 3 years.

  5. Microwave Frequency (MHZ): 2450; Turntable Length (mm): 315. Energy Supply (V ~ HZ): 230~50.

  6. The keypad is touch-sensitive and easy to clean. The membrane is a control pad.

  7. Ensures absolute protection especially for homes with young children.

  8. The keypad is touch-sensitive and easy to clean. The membrane is a control pad.

  9. 101 menu options for auto cooking, express cooking, auto reheating, weight defrost, smooth steam and multi-stage cooking.


  • Wide 30-litre capacity.
  • Ten options for PowerPoint.
  • Different convection modes with 101 automobile cooking menus, express cooking option, automatic reheating etc.
  • Steam, weight defrost, purify and deodorise the function.
  • Multi-stage cooking, barbecue method, and keep warm together with rotisserie.
  • The choice to postpone the launch.


  • Highly-priced.
  • The package does not contain any additional products.

How To Buy Convection Microwave – Buying Guide

Out of the most convection ovens that are available on the market, the most popular is a convection oven with an incorporated fan, which enables the convection setting to be activated and disabled.

The best have a fans’ additional heating element, which ensures a consistent temperature for the air moving around the oven. A constant temperature ensures that the food is more fairly cooked than ones without a fan. If you are shopping around, you should seek terms like “third element convection,” “true convection” or “European convection.”

Look for dual-fuel options for a gas range with a convection oven. Without the ability to switch to electricity, gas ovens offer no convection options.

The greater, the better, too. Greater insides permit a more free circulation of air. For this reason, full-size stoves cook even more than smaller countertop versions.

Best Vacuum Cleaner In India – FAQs

Q. What can a convection microwave do?

Convection microwave can roast, toast, brown, bake, defrost, cook, broil, crunch and steam your food, unlike conventional microwave ovens. It is so versatile that it combines the functions of several other types of equipment and saves you space, time and money.

Q. Can you put metal in a convection microwave oven?

During the cooking process, the convection microwave ovens can use metal and foil safely. Metal (aluminium foil) can be used in a microwave safely, but precautions must be followed in order to avoid oven damage.

Q. Can we bake a cake in a convection microwave?

You can bake In Microwave Convection. Baked cake, cookies and pizza are needed to cook in convection mode. Baking in a microwave is not possible if your device does not have this model. Baking in oven is almost like the convection of microwave.

Q. Can you cook a pizza in a convection microwave?

Cooking times will vary depending on what you do when you make or reheat the pizza on a convection microwave. By selecting the oven or microwave setting you can use a convection microwave as an ordinary oven or microwave. Heat up your pizza for a few minutes, or for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Q. Is a convection microwave safe?

The convection cooking cycle heats the entire interior of the oven so that the equipment is isolated to avoid inappropriately warming the outside. We have seen that the controls, door glass and handle heat up, but not dangerously, more than just a basic microwave.


The purchase of a microwave oven can be somewhat confusing on the market as almost every type of oven has similar applications. Moreover, it is even more confusing to choose the best one in countries such as India where several companies produce microwave ovens with similar features claiming to be the latest and most advanced on the market. If you want to get the best deals from the Ovens through a purchasing guide then preferring shopping online can be far more productive than shopping at retail. This is why the features, requirements and reliability are specifically stated to compare products with other companies that offer similar services at different prices.